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A certain nation, Gilead, has taken over the US, enforcing it’s archaic practices regarding roles of Men and Women. Both are expected to adhere to their roles and work within it without exceptions. Of course men are comparatively much better off than women, with women being deprived of all kinds of freedom of both choice and expression, violation of which can result in banishment to Colonies. Our main character, Offred serves as a handmaid in this society and basically offers her perspective into the current society and how it compares to the one she was born into (before Gilead).

I’ll directly come to the things I didn’t like about this novel…

EC2 is probably one of the most important services from AWS, and naturally, AWS provides a very comprehensive GUI to work and manage these EC2 instances. However, being a programmer I’ve never felt quite comfortable using AWS GUI. It’s a sentiment I share with my fellow programmers. We need to get that feel right?

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Enter AWS CLI, a way to manage everything about your instance using command line interface of AWS. I’ve just started using it and I already feel more comfortable working with AWS CLI as compared to it’s GUI when working. …

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What is Cloud Computing? Why do we need it?

In the modern world of business, where thousands of startups born and die everyday, it is important to keep track and increase your profit margins by every possible way. The recent IT boom saw loads of new companies come into picture. Everyone who had a marketable idea opened a startup in order to make financial profits off of it. However one major problem plagued the all.

How to support your business when you don’t have financial capital to invest in hardware and software?

That’s right. Coming up with a marketable idea (which may or may not be feasible) is relatively easier as compared to figuring out how to support that idea on business domain i.e. providing your customers with a usable version of that idea. Lack of proper hardware and software support rang death knell for many startups in the pre-Cloud era. …


Arohan Ajit

Machine Learning and Data Science enthusiast

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